Case Study: Data Migration for Insurance Company

The Client

The client is Vietnamese branch of a multi-national insurance corporation with the history of over 100 years in Asia Pacific.

Business Need

Client needs to centralize data from multiple sources into one, also clean useless data for all the new application to only get data from a single source.

They require the data migration from DBMS (DB2, Sybase) to Oracle DBMS, all the transformation must be real-time.

The system must handle a huge amount of data (old data of millions of client, contract, etc.) and build a monitor mechanism to mechanism to recover when the trouble occurs.

The Solution

Apply Informatica Technology to build an end-to-end data migration system.

Work closely with the customer and use Agile Scrum development method to communicate frequently

Follow customer’s business rule and reply as soon as possible any request from customer.

Ensure data security policy to meet customer’s expectation.

The Benefits

FPT and IT department of the client have successfully built the central database and collect data from multiple sources with various type into one database.

Multiple applications could access the system at the same time.

Data has been cleaned, filtered and adapted for each business, the system minimizes junk and redundant data, leading to saving IT resources.


SQL Server 2016, Oracle, Infomatica Power Center, Infomatica Power Exchange.


Data Migration for Insurance Company