Case Study: Data Analytics for Logistic Company


The Client

The client is a multi-billion-dollar corporation of package delivery and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. This American-based company manages the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Business Need

Client needs an enhanced reporting mechanism that supports flexibility in customizing templates, create new reports

The system must handle a huge amount of data from hundreds of customers and many years of data retention. The data size can reach dozens of Terabyte.

Through data visualization tools, users should be able to generate and manipulate their reports in various ways utilizing powerful data analysis and sophisticated data models

The system is also required to accommodate the expansion of new customers.

The Solution

Identify business requirement of the data to be used for and scale up to support increasing data size by time

Data mapping and the Architecture Design, Detailed Design have been defined and got clarified carefully by FPT before development phase takes place.

Strictly follow customer’s coding convention and rely on coding best practices, design patterns.

Technical team proposed the architecture design flexible enough to scale.

The Benefits

Users can easily create the report with ease and take very less time to customize using the pre-defined template

The solution supports long term needs and capable of handling the future expansion of customer data and business

Partner of our customer have better reporting tools and understand their data comprehensively with interactive, meaningful visualized data.

Customer could bring to their partners the added values aside from their excellent services.


SQL Server 2016

Power BI service, PowerPivot/PowerView

Azure Data Factory, Azure Function, Azure Analysis Service.

Data Analytics for Logistic Company