Case Study: AWS Maintain services

The Client

A top car dealer in Japan has the plan to expand 600 stores in Japan and overseas to 1,600 stores by 2018, whose cooperative relationship with FPT has established since 2012.

Business Needs

FPT handles 200 systems operating on a total of 140 servers in purchase/ sales of used cars and related work.

  • System in charge: There are 120 people/month to operate this process with 50 people are responsible for creating used car information (image, text, content…).

The Solutions

  • Development, reconstruction, system integration of vehicle sales system  Transfer from in-house server to AWS
  • Application maintenance operation
  • Maintenance operation of AWS
  • Application development
  • BPS business operation: image processing, data input, personnel, accounting outsourcing…

The Benefits

  • Improvement of work efficiency and productivity
  • Cost reduction (over 30% cost reduction)
  • 24 hours / 365 days service
  • Client concentrates on core business