Case Study: Applying RPA to manage financial statements

The Client

A cross-nation retailer is currently operating in Vietnam with more than 200 Shopping Malls and Stores nationwide providing employment and career opportunities for 17,000 employees.

Business Needs

Each day, this retail company has a bulk quantity of financial statements in PDF format, which is required to record ALL these statements into management systems for accounting or managing purpose.

This task is performed manually that the staffs open one-by-one the statements file to search then copy relevant data from the file to new .excel template or key-in to another system. This process is executed repetitively by many people. Currently, the biggest shopping mall has about 30 accountants to do this job. Replacing manual task with RPA helps avoid mistakes and save time.

The Solutions

Applying RPA robots to perform this task by:

  • Read automatically ALL the statement files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Extract necessary information in the file.
  • Fill into new excel file or key-in to another system.
  • Make other reports if necessary.

The Benefits

  • The automation may run 24/7.
  • Reduce ~50% headcounts of accounting department.
  • The RPA robots may process simultaneously multiple files to get higher productivity.
  • The financial information will be always ready for other purposes.