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FPT Partnership with Amazon Web Services


As an AWS Advanced Service Partner with Certified Migration Competency, FPT leverages our pool of over 600 certified AWS experts and the partnership with AWS to support businesses migrate, operate and utilize the Cloud in the most cost-effective manner.

FPT’s AWS Offerings

Migration Factory

End-to-end AWS migration solutions for large scale Microsoft, Oracle and SAP workloads delivered by staff certified by Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Migration service complimented by Amazon audited and certified Managed Services Practice.

Managed Services

Keeping AWS resources under control 24/7, minimizing operation cost and effort while adapting the latest technologies to AWS application and infrastructure

Oracle on AWS

Focus on services such as migrating on premise Oracle DB instances to Amazon EC2 instances; migrating on premise Oracle DB instances to Amazon Oracle RDS and migrating Oracle DW database to Amazon Redshift.


End-to-end migration solutions and services for large scale SAP applications delivered by FPT staff certified by SAP.

eMobiz on AWS

eMobiz on AWS offering is to have eMobiz, FPT’s own and success proved Distribution Management for FMCG, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmacy, Oil industries, running on AWS platform.

Big Data on AWS

Integrating and optimizing Big Data solutions with the high scalability and availability of AWS

Why FPT’s AWS Services?

FPT Credentials

・600+ AWS Certified Resources

・450+ AWS Associates

・100+ AWS Professionals

・Public Sector

・Solution Provider

・Marketplace Seller

・Migration & Modernization Services

AWS Advantages

・No.1 Cloud IaaS

・4x More Reliable & ¼ the Cost of On-premises Infrastructure

・Architected for enterprise security requirements

・Easy to integrate with On-premises Infrastructure

・Numerous products to help manage & optimize Cloud resources

Values to clients

・Increased Agility

・Accelerated Innovation

・Cost Efficiency