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FPT Software has been providing the world with quality IT and technology services for decades. Headquartered in Vietnam with locations worldwide and 28,000 employees, we are a global leader in IT services. 

What sets us apart from other IT service companies are our experience and vision. With over 11,000 outsourced software projects in the last 20 years ranging from the medical to the automotive industry, you’ll trust us when we say we have the necessary experience. However, experience and expertise isn’t enough to turn a good company into a great one, our company vision is what pushes us forward and motivates us to keep striving for excellence. Guided by technological innovations while dedicated to customer satisfaction and our employees’ well being, we continue to innovate and grow in the IT sphere. 

The Project

Today we’d like to provide you with an example of a successful project involving automotive manufacturing we completed recently. Essentially, an automotive manufacturing company hired us to improve their automotive software, which was ineffective and damaging their bottom line. Keep reading to discover how we evaluated the problem and came up with a successful plan of action. 

Automotive Manufacturing Company

The client needed their AMS systems restructured from multiple vendors and languages into one integrated system. The client was a used car dealer located in Japan with over thirty years’ experience trading used vehicles and providing vehicle services (maintenance, inspections, part supply, etc.). The business conducted trading through A and Dol. At the time, they had over one thousand stores and showrooms, which were maintained by approximately two hundred business systems, and staffed by four thousand employees. 

Automotive Software

The client’s AMS systems were composed of several different languages and technologies, including Java, Cobol, Oracle, and DB2, among others. These various AMS systems were operated by several different vendors, the most important being Ax, Jx, and Ix. Each vendor processed orders independently of the others and this worked for a while. However, whenever there was an order concerning all three vendors, the vending process was delayed to the disappointment and frustration of the end-users. 

When placing and order, the user had to first consider which vendor would be best suited to handle it, which was responsible for the operation. Oftentimes this led to orders being lost or overlooked, as they were not properly defined and labeled. This resulted in ineffective vending, due to an increase in the vendor’s operating cost, unscheduled interruptions, and dissatisfied users. 

The plan was to modify the systems so as to integrate them to be operated by one vendor, who would account for up to eighty percent of the workload. 

We quickly overcame the challenges presented by multiple languages and technologies. What’s more, we conducted a thorough investigation and assessment of the client’s vehicle selling process. We transferred their in house servers to AWS accordingly. DPS combined with advanced technology and supported by human resources integrated the business operations accordingly, including image processing, data input, and accounting outsourcing. 

Plan of Action and Implementation

We set out to accomplish this task by proposing a three stage plan. 

  1. Preparation – FPT staff onsite will engage at the client’s site and learn their business processes. 
  2. Transfer and On the Job Training- FPT offshore teams would be trained by the vendors. FPT would function under vendor control for the transfer of business systems. The vendors would review the work and inform the client. Judging from the results, the client will choose how to reduce the vendors’ staff and increase FPTs. 
  3. Successful Systems Operation – FPT will successfully operate the exchanged systems while continuing to improve them according to customer feedback. 

Results and Conclusions

The benefits of the successful integration of these complex systems into AWS within the given time frame were as follows. 

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Up to thirty percent cost reduction
  • Continual, uninterrupted service (24/7, 365)
  • The client is now concentrated on their core business

What allowed our company to successfully implement our plan is our flexibility, due in part to our scalable resource pool. We take care of our employees and this is shown in our turnover rate, which is less than ten percent, while other companies in our industry have turnover rates of up to twenty percent. This is because we strategically outsource extra work to offshore teams, allowing us to provide our valued employees with dependable employment. 

Your business can also benefit from hiring offshore. Whatever your size, FPT Software offers flexible engagement and billing at competitive prices to suit the needs of your business. Visit our website for more blog posts or to contact us for a free consultation, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.