For over 10 years, FPT Australasia have been assisting Australian and New Zealand businesses in staying ahead of their industries by delivering customized technologies solutions that drive competitive edges. FPT has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since 2008 and has been a trusted technology provider of various corporates of different sizes and industries in the region, including ASX200 businesses.


FPT Australasia

ABN: 44 133 343 772
Sydney Office
building Level 13, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
phone +61 2 9004 7160
phone +61 290 047 070
Mr. Son Minh Nguyen
Managing Director
Melbourne Office
building Rialto Tower, 525 Collins Street
person Mr. Stuart Ho, Head of Sales & Business Development
Our Customers
FPT has been the trusted partner of over 230 businesses of various industries in the Asia Pacific region, many of which are Global Fortune 500 companies
Our Service Offering

As a leading technology service provider, FPT assists customers of all sizes and from any industries in implementing and adapting digital technologies.

Our Products

Your Shortcuts to a Digital-Driven Reality


An end-to-end permissioned blockchain Ecosystem based on Hyperledger


A comprehensive RPA solution, helping to automate business processes for enterprises in various sectors.


A Digital Platform to assist customer in implementing digital transformation in a faster and more agile way at lower cost.


A power integration tool that integrates various DevOps tool chain technologies in one place.


An AI-based system that enables translation management and translation support.



Smart Home solution that monitors environment with real time control based on sensors data and embedded AI model.


Success Stories
Digital banking system for a leading Australian bank
for a leading Australian bank
A Seamless Transition To Cloud
To Improve Customer Engagement
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Our Tech Thoughts
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Android In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Innovation hub

Our Partner Network

With the common goal of bringing more values while minimizing risks and costs for customers, FPT and our strategic alliances join forces to deliver top-notch advantages propelled by business insights and technology innovations